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Month July 2009

things trickling through my brain…

Current Mood:awake Current Music:Fleetwood Mac – Oh DaddyOdd sentence uttered during my recent upstate adventure – “hey, let’s go enjoy the fine dining of Bennu Cafe – it’s in the Whitestown Plaza…” so very very odd, but so very very… Continue Reading →

a five banana day indeed!!!

very thankful for my friends and family, nice to be able to have a good day and just smile and smile and smile. s.

let’s dance…

Current Mood: happyand celebrate… it’s good, you see – good to do, good for you, good for those around you. cheers!! s.

what – a third update???

Current Mood: happy Current Music:Francis Dunnery – Good Lifeyeah, so you knock a man down a few steps, he thinks a bit before stepping back up.Take this, stupid flu bug!!!! ki-aww! Bap! Pow!! besides hitting the skies for a few… Continue Reading →

whoooo hooooo!!!

Current Mood: excited Current Music:Foo Fighters – Learn To Flyso, actually went for a helicopter ride today — even was able to take control, since it was an ‘orientation’ flight – too cool. so thanks a million mi amigos, what… Continue Reading →

just went out side a few minutes ago…

Current Mood: weirdfor the first time in about 6 days – whoa… ‘hello world’ note to self – the flu sucks. that is all ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm… Continue Reading →

The greatest thing since …

From the font of all knowledge: “1928 – The Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri,USA, first produced sliced bread, advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”, which then led to the popular phrase… Continue Reading →

“athena …

Current Mood: surprised Current Music:Athena – The Whoi felt like waking up in heaven with an empty meter … “ long time ago, grampa recovering from one of a number of surgeries, I ended up on the front porch of… Continue Reading →

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