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Month October 2009

So nearly over… just one more day.

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:The Mountain Goats – Deuteronomy 2: 10Made it through last week pretty damn well.Part of it was definitely the awesomeness of my ‘people’ – boo, my family and my friends.friends and family … all in one… Continue Reading →

she meant “in the parking lot”…

Current Mood: drainedbut really, I deserve/d the full monty… s.

miss you, girl …

Current Mood:insaneboo & blue do too.run as far & as fast as you can, canela, have all the fun you want. s.

on a sunnyish chilly day in upstate…

Current Mood: okay Current Music:Phish – Farmhouse (acoustic)boo heads east, enthusiastic discussions of higher education, cold toes, success at printing photos, and waiting to give a friend a hug. how’s your week going for ya? s.

close to fear and fade away…

Current Mood:something… Current Music:Pearl Jam – Long Roadonce upon a time I could do no wrong // though the candle flickers, the flame is never gone… wow wow … so much better than I expeced, though out of pure fear… Continue Reading →

miss ya ma…

hope you know that

words – what’s so hard about words?

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground“do they speak English in what? say what ONE MORE TIME…” are they good enough? are they perfect? I feel lighter, even with my doubts, but I’m… Continue Reading →

oh yeah, today is gonna be the roller coaster from heck!!!

Current Music: – Cat Stevens – Cats In The Cradlhow about this small nugget of truth (not poetry) – blood is wonderful, and has, as it should be, fabulous friends. I blame her spirit, but it could just be her… Continue Reading →

are you ready for this?

Current Mood:mixed Current Music: – Foo Fighters – Learn To Flyreally? REALLY? how can you be ready … let’s start with a softball underhand pitch … two words – Palmer- tini! oh yeah, anyone should be able to knock that… Continue Reading →

Good to be where I am …

Current Mood: good Current Music:U2 – Your Blue Roomand tonight, I’m home. With Blue, but without Boo … Can I just comment on our friends? Please? they rock – we’re some of the luckiest peeps on this planet. Blue was… Continue Reading →

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