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always a time of wonder for me… and as U2’s ‘October’ is played on the radio, a bit haunting the chord progressions on the piano … I fall into a memory sink hole…

I was actually just looking up my hit and miss love of U2 (thanks MickeyMatt, btw…) – in the fall of 1984 I visited Sarasota with Bill, and he got me tickets for a U2 show in Tampa for May 85; I ended up home for the holidays and never made it back to New College to chill with Bill.

There was the 1986-87 world wide missing U2 tour – June at the Cow Palace, San Fran – I don’t get to Monterey until September 86.

We are both in Texas in April of 87, maybe, but I go to Upstate, they go to Germany; I go to Germany, they go to Syracuse … ah, the sweet sweet expectation.

Guess I did see them play at the Kodak in 03, so I should stop my bitching … oh – wait – after pissing and moaning and watching too much TV on a Saturday evening (wow – shocking activity and something new for scott) I got off my ass and took a leap … to see if the truth was there … oh so close, just in Raleigh…

It sucked that I couldn’t plan a rally of troops to adventure en mass, but I’m so fucking happy I went to the show … wow.

Edit- just looked at pics – seems I left Hobbit House no earlier than 9:05pm, got into the show – after parking and a little walk and getting a ticket – at 9:49. holy shit… wow.

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