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Month November 2009

Oh wow…

Current Mood: happyso I got my Google Wave invite from Alicia via Pinguino – weeeee…. s

sunshine thru the trees, cold shadows on dying leaves…

Current Mood:greatat 9:29 on a saturday morning … looking out my window in my dining room, feeling the chilly outdoor air curl around my toes as I walk back from letting Blue run out on the back deck, things seem… Continue Reading →

How about this… I’ll keep trying the Livejournal thing…

Current Mood: amused Current Music:still 91.6 hangover cafebut also try to get facebook to play nice. Why? I have no idea… here’s something pretty, though. Shari & Dave, Justin & Nikki swung thru on their way to Wilmington, so Boo… Continue Reading →

blues traveler…

Current Mood: optimistic Current Music:hangover cafe on 96.1acoustic + LOUD harmonica = kinda awesome…followed by REO? Really? wow.. so much to be thankful for…like making it out of Hahn AB and my 20s to get this far, eh? or how… Continue Reading →

“life is a series of things you’re not quite ready for”…

s it time for a TED talk again??Yup … Transitions … with Rob Hopkins.The future keeps coming at us, things are inevitably changing, and why not have a shot at controlling the outcome of that change? sounds good.hope you enjoy…. Continue Reading →

what. the. fuck.

really?? really???ugh – which replaces a lot of words … just like the segram’s 7 replaces my conscious thought, if I mixed correctly. s.

cloudy … sunny … cloudy … rain … 69 degrees

Current Mood: good Current Music: KEXP streaming archive I’d try to make sense of it all, but really, there isn’t any. Of course, the general pattern of chaos here in the south leads to this too… and because the world… Continue Reading →

totally wow…

Current Mood:still hmmmmKarma?? who the hell knows… s.

I don’t listen?

Current Mood:hmmm… Current Music:Social Distortion – Story of My LifeOh, I’ll have to offer perhaps WE don’t listen, what do you think? at least us wallace kids have an excuse… s.

damn …

Current Mood: sad Current Music:The Mountain Goats – Genesis 30: 3damn. my heart aches for ya mel. for your ma, your sister. Bear, we’re all gonna miss you. s.

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