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every creature was stirring, even the mouse. Well, actually, I use a trackball.

Odd story – Boo was sharing with our amiga Beth how she has one thumb muscle that seems over developed – when she’s rocking out at guitar hero her right hand actually gets some ‘thumb pump’ … Beth was mildly interested, and asked “do you do anything special with that one thumb?” … and we pondered, and Boo realized that perhaps it’s her trackball thumb!!

So we’ve made it to today, with a rainy day ahead of us, delicious smelling soap behind us, and one blue dog who’s a bit perplexed that her mom and dad were pretty ok with her destroying a non-squeaking dog toy. Merry Christmas! for those who believe, Happy Newtonmas for those who believe also …

now, one thing I’ve been thinking about (not even really pondering) is traditions and making your own traditions as life – how to get through the ‘grueling’-ness of the end of the year madness. Parties seem to be a big thing … people are really the key. How will I make a new tradition that only gets a chance to play through once a year? Don’t know, but I’m willing to chip away at it … oh screw it … look at these pictures!!!!!!!

how about this – have too much fun. Really – jump into a snow bank, start a snow ball war, drink more rum…

happy holidays my friends…


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”