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Month January 2010

A good start to the day

snow, coffee, paper. so nice.s.

Blue loves her coat – so does Boo!

See – snow, fun, cool coats – it’s what every January Saturday can be!So, besides warm coffee and the paper, what else should we do today?s.

a snowy saturday morning

Oh the joys of snow – weeeeee

Oh the weather outside is lovely…

snow. crepped up on Boo and I as we watched some TEDtalks … wondered if we could make it out to Chapel Hill for Betty’s gig – looked out back – er, nope.one inch of snow on the deck. laughed… Continue Reading →

hey – is you’ve got time over the weekend…

you know – the snoweekend (the clouds rush in, winter scented and high and grey) – perhaps a few minutes over at TED talks will help. TED shares hope: TED shares perspective: TED shares important ideas: Stay warm.Ciao,S.

great songs … sometimes even better

I’m lucky to be able to stream music from the internet here at work – not only from shared iTunes libraries, but the random radio stations too.Just listened to a lovely (?) rendition of Sorrow by Bad Religion, done acoustically…. Continue Reading →

Our trip, recollected, part 1

the time shift is causing concern for boo & I – how late is it? Really? wow … we’ll have to see how long this lasts. We had a GREAT time visiting Blood & Bob in Seattle (& Jon &… Continue Reading →

cool museum in Tacoma…

Here’s a link to a youTube vid from the Museum of Glass out Tacoma way … if you’re there, you should go. Especially if it’s a sunday and they’re making a piece from the Kids Design Glass program. and here’s… Continue Reading →

Lucky …

it’s how I feel sometimes, when I’m able to pause my chaotic inner chatter and realize the good things I’ve got going for me. Getting to spend time with my sister, and have Boo with me, and have a great… Continue Reading →

oh, that’s right …

a little space to write. wow … well, at least I’m working on a g-con (google consolidation) for 2010. Now with pictures!!! s.

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