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Month February 2010

a sunny Sunday in the park with friends…

Olympic hockey on the TV (may I take a moment and say ‘thanks Tivo’ for making the men’s 50K mass ski thing at least fun to watch in fast motion?) let’s see how this upcoming week turns out – last… Continue Reading →

9:30pm, Saturday night … that chapter closes, I guess

Do I feel less tension now? Is it a good thing? I don’t know.Much more tension from back in the late 80s and movies that shared.This is from Schneier, even. Weeee…. I’m still hesitant about it – how do I… Continue Reading →

The Dirty Little Heaters @ Local 506

Some vid clips with Mel on the drums… Mikes intro Who’s got the blow? Cherry Van Ciao,S.

teach kids to cook

TED talks rock. always leave me feeling hopeful. Hope they do the same for you.S.

10pm on a sunday, kinda whooped

in a good way, but still – wow.had a fabulous day at the NC Zoo out in Asheboro. Took Boo there as a feb. 14th ‘fun thing to do’went with Morgan & Beth, so the more the merrier – yay!… Continue Reading →

rain rain, go away … or at least stop freezing, ok?

Guarding the hallway here at work from the shadow zombies, watching the rain fall at a quickening pace otuside – should I head out before it starts to freeze on the road? probably.DC is prepping for ‘SNOWMAGEDDON’, according to the… Continue Reading →

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