gets the day done is what I’m saying.
says ‘hey, got thru the day, and that’s about as good as it gets!’… can even look back over a nice rise and shine, breakfast in the dining room with Boo, sun streaming in. Frosty cool outside for Blue to stroll about after the trimming of the nails.
delving thru stuff, finding important stuff (hey Marty, do I have something for YOU!!), dealing with the fact that I hold on stuff for the slimmest of reasons. and glad it’s done from time to time…
for the challenges of friends in tough times, for the challenges of who you might think you are, for the challenges of finding a place to eat – we made it through. Even got some shelves cut for the high-boy in the dining room!
for brothers of brothers, friends of sisters, and the odd your’s humbly, let’s keep having lots and lots of good days, ok?