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Month April 2010

Is a piece of cake…

the correct side for completing my health insurance renewal? one can only ponder… s.

Isn’t blue cute??

 so boo had picked up this sweater a while ago for blue. same time she picked up the coat you’ve seen her wear. Well, we wandered over to Morgan’s to say ‘hi’ and have a beer, and though blue might… Continue Reading →

: : C h i l l o u t : :

I have to say that the world can often be a surprisingly awesome place. I’ve had it happen to me personally any number of times and I’ve always found it inspiring. Friends act and I’m in another state hoping my… Continue Reading →

a Tuesday night…

Top Gear on the tube – always amazes me the joy they put into their show. Jeremy calls BMW out on their crap-tacular X6 SUV. Of course, when BBC is paying your bills you might have the resources to bring… Continue Reading →

Made it out east the other weekend…

Boo & I had a nice meander to Wendy’s, and though we missed the joy that is the Azelea fest, we did have a nice time with Wendy and Dani – see – This was taken at Flaming Amy’s, the… Continue Reading →

words to ponder

There may be no purpose, but its always good to have a mission – very wise words, sir savage. s

TED … cause I like them.

Did you hear? Flights over northern Europe disrupted. Volcanic ash (which has previously caused big jetliners to have complete engine shutdowns) wreaking havoc! Havoc I say!! (my point of concern was that Formula 1 circus was going to be stuck… Continue Reading →

a lovely breeze, a friendly dog…

hope. on good days it’s all around us… watching Mr. Cary’s ‘Yes Man’ – love the musical number from 3 Eyed Blind… have you seen my cute dog?She’s kinda cute… I wish cute could save the world.s.

Really? Really??!!

“‘Footloose’ Remake Loses Chace Crawford As Its Star, Gains New Director” footloose remake? why on god’s green earth would you remake that classic? What – Kevin Bacon not good enough for you?? damn, stupid childhood. Should drink more. s.

look – in the sky – it’s a TED Talk!!!!

I’d definitely visit the future… such clear thinking – how come it’s so easy to fall into the obscured? Do we not trust ourselves? ciao,s.

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