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Month May 2010

there’s a fabulousness…

in the brief moment or 7 of calm and pleasant and quiet and peace and happy where your pup is under your arm, and sleep overcomes her. From May Livin' Of her having a little run in her sleep, and… Continue Reading →

how do we know awe?

if you don’t know, my sis Blood is pretty damn awesome. Even though she’s twin number 2, she’ll occasionally craft some words on a variety of topics. the other day she posted over at ‘our’ blog. damn. love ya sis…. Continue Reading →

to drinkies & nibblies…

good friends and good times, and fond memories… you’re missed john parker. dearly, sorely missed. s.

Here’s to good mornings … seems Shari’s having one.

and that’s … good. s.

how dependent are we on love?


Does this confuse you?

So, things get confusing for me at times. This article kinda rocks – Jalopnik on the U2. Great pics, great plane… and I pause – do I say out loud “… cause it was my plane” – because I can’t… Continue Reading →

tuesday, the one after monday.

I don’t remember it. Boo says a call came in early. Alex had died. I remember going to the funeral, going to the sea.I kinda like my picture that is the album cover – alex had courage, and exuberance. and… Continue Reading →

Happy Mom’s Day ….

miss ya s.

Green-light green…

NancyG brought to my consciousness this point.I see greens. green grass, spinach, olive drab, green white board marker… but I do not see green-light green. Thus, those who don’t suffer color deficiency see a shade of green, but they can… Continue Reading →

what is it about cowboys?

more importantly, what is it about the intertubes and time travel? I start with Beth’s request for some Rush tracks – start looking at pulling videos from YouTube of said awesomeness (including some winter safety tips!) ‘hey, what other bands… Continue Reading →

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