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Month July 2010

how totally cool and a bit foreign, at least to me…

how back in the day, before ‘social networking’, there were still networks – phone system, and the people who would game the system. I laugh cause my sphere of influence didn’t have any cool hipsters who were phone phreaking, just… Continue Reading →

Why hello there – how are you?

yeah, july. Had myself a very nice birthday – dinner and a movie (inception) on friday, cookout and pool fun on saturday, sadly tooth pain on sunday 🙁getting old and falling apart, I tell ya. weather’s been hot – and… Continue Reading →

Makin’ plans…

it’s frankly a little scary!Picked up some tickets to two shows I’m excited to be going to – Billy Bragg in September, and Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s in October – I’m never this well put together!!! yay me…. Continue Reading →

late at night, memories come flooding in…

on the calendar in the kitchen – ’00 – Driftwood with Terry!’ – it’s good to have adventures you can look back and laugh about! and look – a TAWS from Jul 15, 1999 – kinda long, but what the… Continue Reading →

To Farrah, a friend of Carol’s, from Austin 1988…

Hey – haven’t thought of you in many many years – but today, thru the power of the intertubes, and the amazing repository of stuff known as ‘Wikipedia’, I have realized that I owe you an apology. From today’s “On… Continue Reading →

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