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Month August 2010

Tuesday, 7:07am – it’s the end of August & the kids are alright

or at least I hope they’re having the time of their lives – either or, sure it’s gonna be alright, how about that? 12 hour run down from Upstate yesterday – lovely day to be on the road, really. not… Continue Reading →

Mazel Tov!!

may lots of your days be just as awesome as this one!to Jo-Anne & Matthew! ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

a gentle rain…

a gentile rain. ticks and tanks on the metal awning right outside – gentle gentle gentle. so as not to wake the morning just quite yet. just so quiet yet… got blue to the vet yesterday – she, like the… Continue Reading →

the quiet start to a new week…

what wonderful things will happen before its end?well … I’m sure I’ll have a pic or two of my cute pup Blue – Hell, I’ll even have a pic or three from a road trip to Upstate come the end… Continue Reading →

This will lift your spirits…

reminds me of a site long since passed, where I’d play pretty tones and pretty colors… Hope you enjoy! Have you seen a cute pic of my pup today?? ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and… Continue Reading →

Ah, what a feeling!!!

hiding things – it’s so much fun. you never know when someone might stumble upon them, and whether they will get the joke/point/pie in the face. woot!! in other news, the universe apparently is really really attached to ‘balance’, which… Continue Reading →

Music… how amazing

wow – this morning was the most explicit of examples of the power of music I can recall in the recent past.Started with our local rock show playing Triumph’s ‘Magic Power’ (~1985) followed by Everlast’s ‘What It’s Like’; no more… Continue Reading →

Just checking something out…

AutoHotkey is a program that allows you to make scripts that will do ‘magical’ things – such as…typing in the bottom signature for my blogs – since I’m duplicating the effort, I’d hat to have a typo on Blogger and… Continue Reading →

Elvis has left the building…

All hail the King!! Hope he is resting peacefully … think I’ll just keep playing Elvis tunes all day long. Monday – I start the day with the final part of my ‘Scott needs to go to the dentist’ action… Continue Reading →

Ok, have you had a good feeling yet today?

Hop on over here – I laughed heartily!! ok – how about a pic of my dog? ciao,s.

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