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Month September 2010

Sylvilagus Sylvilagus Albus Sylvilagus!

Folklore | Luck | Superstitions may we all have a fortunate month… s.

almost friday…

so I have to type fast!was a fab day even though it had it’s challenges.Like the dmv opening at 9, not 8 – doh!sending a fedex package to australia with just a regular airbill (not gonna happen)lots of rain =… Continue Reading →

bits and pieces from a random day…

Chilling on Monday night, crunching through my vast and yet impressive photo collection. From the magic of TiVo I listen to the voice over from mark rudd’s unpublished memoir – (paraphrased) re: no innocent Americans; all guilty – all Americans… Continue Reading →

A bottle of blues…

from Mutations, by Beck, plays as I watch the greyness of a cool fall rain cross the windowscape of my office. I have to say I’m kinda very happy about the cool and the rain – note the fact it… Continue Reading →

wowsers – tuesday already!

well, I had a note saved from I guess sunday morning – I believe I had something wonderful written for the subject, and then this:apt description for a 60’sh Brit rocker, or so I’ll say having absolutely loved catching Mr…. Continue Reading →

11:09pm Tuesday night

reconnecting with long lost friends. Mazal tov, Snoozie. may you life be filled with joy. Of course, now I’m reading thru her blog, and I wonder – this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, right? I should take some… Continue Reading →

Love without fear, regardless of cost.

I concur! from a cartoon over at Gapingvoid, though you might want to sign up for the newsletter which sends you his cartoon each day. If you like his stuff. I like old trucks nice sunsets new fun places to… Continue Reading →

A small cup of coffee. Three times …

got me to the afternoon. That’s a good thing.Top Gear on the tellie – Jeremy Clarkson’s take on the Prius (from ’04) truly funny. Running a Mitsu EVO against a Lambo Murc – nice. Why can’t America have nice things,… Continue Reading →

Ah friday … lovely weather, Blue let me know Jackson was outside…

Formula 1 practice from Italy on the tube. and yet…a tad meloncholy. Being a Wallace, I have on my fridge a calendar. Two years ago my mom had her surgery. My memory is a bit toast, so I’m not sure… Continue Reading →

A sunny morning but the tunes have stopped…

so sad. Normally I’m all about being UP and AT ‘EM!!! er, ok – normally I love rolling out of bed at 10:30 or so, but have been seeing more of 6:30 than 10:30 recently. All good, really – it’s… Continue Reading →

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