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Month October 2010

know how I say “friends… can’t have too many”?

Well, here’s a link to one our many friends … Carrie at Violet Cottage. she’s awesome in so many ways. of course, we’re not friends with everyone – no one we know has one of these yet! boo was positively… Continue Reading →

oh yes, I shouldn’t be too surprised…

so boo loves her phone – got it back in Feb, and just is really happy with it. I picked up a sleek new (free) phone yesterday after the hot water tank went kaput. don’t ask – I needed something… Continue Reading →

Do we have to leave?

“I’ve tried salad in my life!” – the emphatic reply of a nearly 6 year old boy… Rocket on his back, almost turtled – chew toy making him so happy…. until Stewie’s around, whence Rocket starts to nibble on Stewie’s… Continue Reading →

45 minutes and 24 months…

time marches forward, blue makes sleeping noises (that are very cute) as she lays curled up in her bumper bed in the living room. typical things happed – dinner from a driver thru, a movie on the tv, no laundry… Continue Reading →

aw crap …

well sis, do hope you and mike are ok. wow … one less character in the world. damn. ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

barking sets you free…

that’s what I think blue thinks. At least in the morning… All along the watchtower vs. discussion on Ohio’s AG going after BoA for fraudulent papers served to court re: foreclosures. NPR says there’s been 200 million foreclosures – aren’t… Continue Reading →

an example of our hopetimism …

a night at the debate… personally I find most all politicians to be vile; talk the talk, find ways not to walk the walk – it’s why Ross perot having the white house in texas, or the fine libertarian idea… Continue Reading →

oh the places – did I mention glamping?

Doggy sweaters and heated mattress pads – really, the best way to slip into the change of seasons!! So here we are – Tuesday already, but the happy feelings and smell of smoke from the weekend hang in there with… Continue Reading →

oh, the places we have gone

So, the weekend is over and our first experience with glamping has passed. All have survived, and much fun and happiness was had.Glamping, you say? Glamour camping! though not as much glitter as I presumed would happen, a lovely cabin… Continue Reading →

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