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Month November 2010

2:37pm Sunday 28 November 2010 – Scott does an Egan!

and wow – I understand so much more now. While it wasn’t the bead blasting of a set of Lotus 11R racing pads, I do see the benefit of having an area to head out to with a cup of… Continue Reading →

Boo’s nightmare not withstanding, it’s still yellow!

how about a quick time lapse of our awesome friends??and Missed the color coat, but it is very wonderfully yellow! s.

well, life is sometimes amazing…

cause it turns out our great friends are even GREATER!!!from this:to thisto this wow s.

turns out, scott’s not as flexible as I could be …

but amazingly, my friends are dealing with me just fine. I hope. Actually, it’s been a stellar saturday – used my cell phone to deposit a check (yay USAA!), sat on our deck with Boo to nibble some cheese and… Continue Reading →

Tuesday – lunch hour

‘your blog’s been quiet’ – wow – must keep the readers happy!!so, here’s a picture to start with. Let’s see – to recap, going backwards.Monday – Boo’s not feeling great, so I got her crackers and ginger ale to make… Continue Reading →

tuesday – time to vote!

I am going to vote ‘tired, but happy’!!Thursday – live music, Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro – it’s the Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s! with Carrie and Nathan, and Brendan!!! yay!!Friday – busy work day, followed by scurrying around to… Continue Reading →

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