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Month December 2010

me to boo on her way out the door this morning …

“take 2010 to the limit!!!”boo to me – “2010 can go fuck itself!!!” Love//Joy//Happiness right up until the end! ciao,S.

the snow makes everything seem so peaceful…

and makes wishes seem to come true. I hope everyone’s holidays are filled with good friends, good times and good cheer! I’m really happy to have had such a good time with our friends at Raymond & Christopher’s place –… Continue Reading →

12:55pm on a sunny Monday afternoon…

Where have you been, scotty-boy, where have you been?I’ve been here, there and everywhere. I’ve been around the world and lost in time. I’ve been hoping and wishing and dreaming and thinking… I think I’ll take a slice of my… Continue Reading →

2:57 pm Saturday afternoon – Snow!!!

big fat flakes. not sure if it’ll stick or not, but kinda pretty. s.

1:58pm – Durham – First Snow!!

and now that changes EVERYTHING…well, not really. But I do like it. S.

Coniglio Coniglio Bianco Coniglio!!

and so we begin the end … caio bella, 2010. we’ll get through you yet!November was filled with fabulousness – though my blogging wasn’t as strong as it was in October; not sure exactly why. The leaves are down, the… Continue Reading →

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