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Month January 2011

1101 Hi There Puppy!

How about a slide show of the puppy? How about a soundtrack that’s a clip from maybe 1984 WOUR morning show? I can do that…

ah, what a long strange trip it has been… (warning – rant-opia)

as the dead sang of years ago. watched the end of a biography show on Bruce – iconic is a really good word. R&T has a redesign, Peter writes about a friends tailsman, and I have those odd quiet sunny… Continue Reading →

baby giggles vs. puppy dog ears…

apparently that’s gonna be the death match to win. Boo’s chasing the green dragon while enjoying meeting her newest niece in the winter wonderland that is MoVil. Hung out with MnB @ Motoroco last night. damn we heart the Dickens…. Continue Reading →

Lola and Blue play

and here’s blue playing with lola a bit..

Lola fetching the ball

Here’s Lola having fun fetching a ball.

Sparky and the gang

So, this is what you get when a friendly pup invades your life, and your awesome dog is cool with it. Yay!!

2:50 pm, Wednesday afternoon…

Chilly and bright outside, winter is certainly here for a bit. not the amount of snow others have had to deal with – still not too nice.what has been nice, you ask? well, friends coming to visit always makes the home… Continue Reading →

a chilly Tuesday afternoon…

sitting about the table as boo makes sparkly crafts, and I go through email.Holly’s at work on a conference call, Karl’s up to no good at his machine, mika stays as a donut on the couch… it’s been really nice… Continue Reading →

9:30 pm, sunday nite with friends…

a delicious meal, tasty drinks, and enjoyment. I hope you and yours are celebrating the beginning of the year just the same. ciao, ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm …… Continue Reading →

so 2011’s going fine!

Made it to the weekend, and Holly & Karl & Mika have come to visit – yay!!! boo’s very very happy to see them, as am I, and Morgan too! (previously on ‘scott’s life’, boo, Scott, Morgan & Blood had… Continue Reading →

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