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Month April 2011

8:55 am saturday

“this dream is driving me insane…”“in some corner of some foreign field the gunner sleeps tonightwe cannot just right of this final scenetake heed of the dream // take heed of the dream…”“you can hide hide hide / behind paranoid… Continue Reading →

hey – thursday – why not TED??

TED. Technology. Entertainment. Design. Ideas Worth Spreading. Hope you take the time to watch this one – it’s only the history of the universe as wonderfully, simply and entertainingly told. ciao, ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep… Continue Reading →

10:43 on a wednesday night…

I’d love to say the cool evening breeze was wafting in through the newly installed front storm door screen. Sadly, the breeze that’s wafting is a bit warm, with hints of humidity!! Oh well … as I sit here safe… Continue Reading →

Feeling better and better, minute by minute…

though I got to say wow – it’s been a heck of a day.For those who’ve been paying attention, I was somewhat productive last night – moving furniture around, watching important movies, expressing myself, and laying with my loves. This… Continue Reading →

I’ve got a cute dog named Blue

right this second she’s comfortably ensconced between me and Boo. earlier tonight I spun the bed back to it’s original position, thus exposing the windows which when opened overnight in the North Carolina spring allow beautifully cool air to wash… Continue Reading →

not sure what’s supposed to go out like a lamb…

certainly not a nice lamb.We survived our first serious tornado event – but North Carolina wasn’t spared. 20 plus killed, 130 plus injured. wow.how was it for boo and I at hobbit house? well, it was windy. boo said the… Continue Reading →

So this is a Friday morning…

Wait – Saturday morning. Nope – Sunday morning it is… well, afternoon.Link sausage – Ted talk by dude from MIT who recorded his son saying water for the first time – so much more than just that, but you understand…. Continue Reading →

so, here’s the future – it’s gonna be fucking great…

I love TED. I find that every time I take the few minutes of my life / work / rest and allow my mind to intake what is actually possible by our fellow humans, by people who happen to be… Continue Reading →

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