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Month May 2011

Coniglio Coniglio, Bianco coniglio!!

and now it’s june. pretty heavy month in ttocsland – lots happening, or happened. so I will hope the luck will befall the little bunny who’s been chilling in our yard, eating the bird seed (and other stuff I suspect),… Continue Reading →

Inspiration – comes in all sorts of packages

my wife’s laugh as she speaks with SMO re: “when else can you try human flesh without it being like murder?”. that was after the exclamation that “of course Johnny kept his leg!” Or standing in the kitchen, looking at… Continue Reading →

1:25 in the morning… thinking and writing…

2LT Richard D. Bartley, USAF. TSGT Bennie L. Dexter, USAF.Gone, but not forgotten. }S{ | dona nobis pacem | “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

36 hundred ounces of broccoli! – part 2

so, chatting with MickeyMatt today, and he shared that Jo-Anne had a mid slumber declaration regarding the above mentioned ingredient. She was unable to recall the recipe once she awoke. So, I type this while listening to “‘Merikash Express” by… Continue Reading →

36 hundred ounces of broccoli!

Sunday, late afternoon.Mom’s day …miss ya. Miss helping you out with your Celiac group’s efforts – the website, the newsletter, the hopes & dreams of good design for totes and what not.Miss walking from trinity ave to your apartment –… Continue Reading →

on a positive note, from the wikipedia place…

“1961 – Project Mercury: Aboard the American spacecraft Freedom 7, astronaut Alan Shepard made a sub-orbital flight, becoming the second person to travel into outer space after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.” Tip o’ the hat, Mr. Shepard. Just maybe what… Continue Reading →

Honorable Rabbit – Rabbit – RABBIT!!!

certainly something to ponder – “When a radical marching band crashes a hoedown shit gets primal.”The wisdom of Mrs. Dawson folks – you have to count yourself as lucky to have had this kind of knowledge shared with you. That’s… Continue Reading →

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