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Month June 2011

so, will it change anything?

10pm on a wednesdayGoogle+ – can it take on facebook? It’s slick, it’s functional, it’s a little madcap – but I can see where it might just rock. stay tuned! ciao, }S{ | dona nobis pacem | “Keep Calm and… Continue Reading →

between the dark and the light… happy solstice!

fear and sadness, I bid adieu.courage and happiness, ‘ello!also, post-it notes do not burn as easily as one might think they do.also, seemed like the sun was right overhead.and last a heartfelt thank you to Boo & Blue & Morgan+Beth… Continue Reading →

with blue at my side…

the birds chirping outside. a general comfortableness inside Hobbit house. pursuing … a less agitated place … hiding in sorkinworld … where things of import matter… a day / evening / life of comfortable relaxation, pointless pondering, silly sketching on… Continue Reading →

friday evening, listening to the thunder ….

you know it’s a good storm when you’re inside a closed up house (A/C ROCKS!!!), and you still hear the rumblin’ of the gods. quickly, for I really want to share – cars! you may not know this about me… Continue Reading →

well, that’s an awfully nice present!

sister shari gets to road trip today!! woot!! Enjoy the scenery sis, and I’ll swing by to visit you as soon as it’s doable. {thanks} }S{ | dona nobis pacem | “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm …… Continue Reading →

Wow … 5 years!

Thanks for all that & so so so much more Boo! S.

still thankful, still hopeful, still happy…

“everything’s OK, you’re / I’m going to be okay” {we hope} – ah scrubs. well done. can you believe I’m just now stumbling onto interviews with the people behind the characters I bond with on TV… +++blue snores away on… Continue Reading →

Thank you

Thank youThank you s.


It wears you down. If you’re paying attention it’s crushing. If you’ve successfuly distracted yourself, it’s surprising.Either way it sucks.Shari’s in Buffalo, having surgery. All I can do is distract myself {typing this note @ 12:24 in the morning, while… Continue Reading →

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