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Month July 2011

42 down, er, many more to go?

well, got to say I had a great time tonight with my friends, had tasty food, cake and mousse; just really enjoyed.So to all who helped make the day awesome – Thanks!! A lot!! ciao, }S{ | dona nobis pacem… Continue Reading →

uh, wow. Spotify. wow.

Boo got the invite first, and though I had heard of the service, and the rave reviews from the boingGizLifehacker webbage, I kinda dismissed it. do yourself a favor. Go here and ask for an invite (sorry, no Google+ powers… Continue Reading →

patience & waiting … hope for friends’ happiness … UPDATE – Mazel Tov!!

relaxing in the cool house, thankful for actions taken after months of angst. Maybe I should call the RamJack folks – really, how much could it cost to lift Hobbit House, slide it to the side yard, dig out a… Continue Reading →

hot hot heat… or, summertime

as things wrap up – ciao, Space Shuttle; ciao the answer {42} …but … Timbuk2 is having a sale!! 50% off!! (or, about what you should probably spend!)and, it’s on the bag I have and love – the Q.If you’re… Continue Reading →

Kinda perfect email regarding local music scene…

As I sit here with the front door open, listening to the voice-mail my sis left of the Avett Brothers rocking out at the Comcrap Arena @ Everett ice rink, I browse my email.Here’s the post from a Chapel Hill… Continue Reading →

A lovely evening …

Nice to hang outside & enjoy peeps & pizza, watch the pretty clouds drift by. Ah summer. S.

10 til midnight, midweek, mid July…

so, things in the googleverse have been all a changing lately – as i type this in at the Blogger webpage – things are different!Google+ seems to be a hit with the kids.I’m a tad concerned with the G+ and… Continue Reading →

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