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Month August 2011

Far thee well, August. We’ll miss ya.

Probably won’t miss the earthquakes. Nor the hurricane. Sweltering heat? Nope.Wonderful weddings? well, yeah … congrats again, guys So, I sit here with the windows open, letting the cool evening breeze flow through our house. Playing some Crash Test Dummies… Continue Reading →

So, how was the beach scott?

Ah the beach … it was nice to get away and be completely chillin for a week.Not that the beach was the coolest place on earth – but the ocean was always refreshing!We got to chill with Betty and Sean,… Continue Reading →

So wait a day, and things change…

did I mention lately how we’ve been deep into the heart and heat and thickness of summer? Well, yes. We are. But this morning – I am not a meteorologist, but I was asked to be one once – for… Continue Reading →

why hello there early August…

and just how are you, my little sweltering bowl of hot hot hotness?? good? great … though have to say, I can glance to the bottom of my calendar here at work and see ‘september’ which if I recall correctly… Continue Reading →

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