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Month September 2011

Ah TED … hope. such simple hope.

Compassion and the true meaning of empathy: Joan Halifax on TED.com I wonder what our world would be like – how wonderful it would be – if people of love and compassion ruled? ciao, s.

Battling Bad Science: Ben Goldacre on TED.com

Hope comes in 15 minute speeches by brilliant strangers. Battling Bad Science: Ben Goldacre on TED.com


roberson-and-blackstone-halloween-1997, a photo by ttocsland on Flickr. too long ago, but not so long that we forget.Mazel, sir Dave … the best for you! s.

early in the morning…

sublime riffs fill the air. also – zen for twins. May you get to your journey’s end with a peaceful and happy heart. Ohm…. ciao,s.


Beauty in nature… Beauty man made… Nature, or tasty treats – both quite enjoyable. So, 10Q is a ‘new year’ thing (perhaps tribal?), and the concept is simple – 10 questions. 10 answers. public or private. see ya next year…. Continue Reading →

accidentally spending too much time on my blog!

So you take a minute or three to stop staring at database options, and peruse Lifehacker, say. Where you see a note about Blogger getting new dynamic designs.Curious, you click one too many times, and you can’t get you blog… Continue Reading →

Blessing & curse…

“the greatest gift of all …”so mi amigas are running off to the Pinhook soon – that would be the cool bar in Durhamtown where Kym R. rocks the bar back from time to time. Something about a NC Pride… Continue Reading →

kinda late … or kinda early

3:47am, and all is a lovely stormy morning in Durham, north Carolinaboo sleeps to my left, i hear her breathing. I hope she’s sleeping soundly, with dreams of hope and sunshineblue is tucked in on my right – I’m a lucky guy… Continue Reading →

It is good to have great people around …

Typing away on my celly for this post. See how that goes.Tonights sleepblogging will be matinee stlyle, but unsurprisingly blue will still be my copilot/idea checker. How does she decide on which corner of the bed to flop? Is having… Continue Reading →

Avast! ye DADT parley demands arrak all around!*

*Stop and Pay Attention – the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell conversation between opposing sides to discuss a halt to the fighting deserves a strong drink made with fermented fruit or palm sap, rice, or molasses for everyone! {so the combination… Continue Reading →

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