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Month October 2011

does the week end? or start?

Wait – what’s a week? A demarcation of convenience I say … but to fit in I guess I’ll keep using the Gregorian  calendar – gots to work on the Scottian calendar I think – can’t be any more far… Continue Reading →

simple joys #72

Birthday cake – as much as you want. Sad to say, it’s good enough to end up sick over it. But what a way to go …

quiet reflections, quiet tears…

The pic I snapped is non-specific. 3 years ago. My sisters and I went out and had a regular lunch – seems to me it was a greek joint, and there were greek hot dogs involved – but hey, that’s… Continue Reading →

The very first computer I ever owned was an apple IIc.

For some ungodly reason, mom thought I was serious about crushing the SATs with the purchased SAT-prep software. I recall there being mac paint – so I could use the mouse. The IIc had a cool matching monitor. Again, no… Continue Reading →

Wednesday night, 12th of October – here goes nothing…

well, about $80 bucks, but really – if it helps, I’ll be completely fine with it. Also – P-Tut is “‘Da Man!!” :s: Edit – impressed. simple, focused, let’s hope it proves useful.:s:

sungura sungura, nyeupe sungura!

as it is said in Bantu along the Indian Ocean coastline …may we ALL have much good luck in October. ciao,s. a pic from the NC Pride Parade last weekend.

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