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Month November 2011

After eleven, Tuesday night before thanksgiving…

or ‘steaksgiving’ as Chris N. used to proclaim.What ever floats your boat, as long as you do it with gratitude, I say.Certainly plenty to be thankful for this year. I’ve been going through a few of my pics from this… Continue Reading →

What a damn fine day …

After a pretty nice Friday, including dinner down in Cary-town with amigos, we were up a little to early, out and about to help more amigas with their needs, took in lovely brunch at Rick’s Diner, then had a wonderful afternoon… Continue Reading →

how cool… crafting for Morgan!

So, Morgan had a crafting baby shower, and owls are the theme of Button’s nursery. We had fun making this craft board covered with the best ‘arts & crafts’ style cut-outs. some cut-outs are better than others, but what I… Continue Reading →

drops on leaf

How’s fall treating you? Have you, like us southerners, just had a week or so of lovely weather, followed by tornado warnings that probably knocked the rest of the beautiful leaves off the trees? are you befuddled by how the… Continue Reading →

Coinín coinín, bán coinín!

Do we need the luck of the Irish rabbits?Do we not?Howdy November.Howdy NaNoWriMo.Hello longer nights, shorter days.Hello and WELCOME my friends & family, I hope you all will visit or think of us, and that in a few weeks you… Continue Reading →

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