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Month January 2012

Saturday morning sunshine…

splashes through the windows onto the floor, offering warmth and illumination, not just light.I stand in front of our front door, watching the squirrels scamper, for though it’s bright and inviting, the app on my celly says ’34 feels like… Continue Reading →

On a foggy day, a grey day, we drive … into the fog.

It’s like driving into a different realm. Where will be when we make it through? How long will the fog last? How long until we forget what the sun looks like? Better take a pic, just to be safe. Ah… Continue Reading →

Sunny and crisp Saturday morning…

totally realize I’m a grown up, because I want to share the joys of listening to NPR.On today’s Weekend Edition I tuned in as an expert suggested an information diet, followed by a reporter was wrapping up his 2 year stay… Continue Reading →


Mutts Daily gives me this quote to ponder – We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.  – Joseph Campbell One of my other ‘daily’… Continue Reading →

You got to love Mutts…

Today’s Quote:My goal in life is to be a person as good as my dog already thinks I am. ~ Unknown

Rabbit rabbit, white rabbit!

May the new year bring you lots of good luck!

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