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Month February 2012

Only a few moments early

Breathe & note what’s around

Great thing about the past…

you know where you left it.In my case, I left a couple of weeks of my life in a party tent set up besides Grauman’s Theater in Hollywood back in ’02.Tonight’s Oscar-fest of white males reminded me of the crazy… Continue Reading →

ah, times in winter…

is it a lie for the sun to shine, beckoning us outside, to find the air crisp and the ground chilly? Or is it a promise, a promise that if we carry on, if we figure out how to deal… Continue Reading →

20 minutes … About right

Enough time to write about the right things. About the good things. Things like R&S having 1 each @ the end of their pregnancy, or the nice sunset I’m enjoying.Or how though I haven’t met the minimum requested time practicing… Continue Reading →

snowy wonderland … gone so quickly…

I certainly liked the winter while it was here overnight… Hope we can all enjoy the quickly visiting and leaving goodnesses in our lives…s.

A snowy wonderland…

Ah, the simple joy of winter weather.Of course, it being the south, we’ll have mid 60s come Wednesday, or so they predict. Weekends are often when I catch up on some cinema watching… such as this weekends enjoyment which included… Continue Reading →

sunday morning, winter found us…

grey. chilly. rainy…perhaps it’s payback for yesterday? maybe – i DO know that boo and i had a very nice, very fun day.We went to the zoo! a wonderful wonderous day. Boo had been having a hankering, and though last… Continue Reading →

20 minutes early, because I wanted to be here…

Be here on time – i’m not cutting my other important things short (full day @ the office, boo has a gift that is a token of my love for her…)Be here – right here, a bench where I can… Continue Reading →

::quarterTurn:: 1990 1993 2007

So, February. Hmmm… let’s see if my memory pulls these times well. 1990 was me wrapping up my time with the gov’t, probably thinking about packing up my dorm room at Hahn AB, while at the exact same time not… Continue Reading →

Of moons full, cursing in a sanctuary, & tech joys …

though I posted on Tuesday of arriving for my Mindfulness class 20 minutes early, anxious about what to be prepared for, and generally a tad stressed (ironic?), things went well for the most part. There WILL be woo, that was… Continue Reading →

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