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Month March 2012

To Linda, Wendi & Jay …

I liked your mom a lot – she had ‘sass’ and style and a great smile. I hope that in this time of ache & sadness you know I’m thinking of you and sending you love. s.

in the wee hours

after we’ve distracted ourselves, fought with ourselves, done chores we’d rather do, we find ourselves sitting quietly, an occasional ‘clang’ as the rainbow strikes the sun over the big chair, the power of air vents and convection collaborating to give the evening… Continue Reading →

After Class, a storm heads my way…

(erg … so you type up a post on your phone,  but it gets locked up trying to publish it, then you realize the app kinda sucks, and you question if Google is actually supporting blogger if they also have… Continue Reading →

Four one nine saturday afternoon….

My day of mindfulness ends, but does it really? Few voices for most of the day, nothing earth shatteringly ZEN. Just a sense of ease, calmness. The clouds above play tag with one another; i’m thankful for the shade as… Continue Reading →

Crossed a new bridge…

On my way to mindfulness class. Should i make a big deal? Or accept that there are many ways to get to where you are going? The pic i just snapped – a cloudy or clear sunset? Or both?!! Lillian… Continue Reading →


Up listening to birds… make the coffee, do some dishes, toast a bagel, and while I’m ‘fixing’ my coffee (interesting choice of terms, eh?) I recollect…coffee.Mom pouring cream into hers, the swirly discoloration changing a cup of night into warm… Continue Reading →

here in bed, blue besides me…

she goes for a little puppy run in her dreams, then gives some barks spaced out -maybe 5 in a row – bark…. bark…. bark…. bark……… barkI hope who ever she’s saying hi to (boom boom?) notices her awesome cuteness!certainly… Continue Reading →

Hello. How are you doing?

Yeah, tuesday again. A bit of anxiety leaving work to head over to class today. Thankfully I can now watch the thoughts & feelings collide in the stream of my thoughts, before letting them turn my mood and my inner… Continue Reading →

sunlight outside streams inside…

Blue dog snuggled up to me behind my knees as i sit on the sofa, learning how to balance and type on my lappytoppy … strike that. learning how to type while I balance my laptop on the arm of… Continue Reading →

rabbit, rabbit white rabbit!!

ah yes, luck. to us all – let’s see what we can do in just 4 short weeks, shall we? With any luck, it will all be wonderful… ciao,s.

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