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Month April 2012

Gudogj gudogj, geal gudogj!!

Good luck to you and yours! Can you believe we’ve made it to May? wowsers.April seems to kind have disappeared. Why, you might be asking, did I choose Scotch/Gaelic for my opening? Well, you’d be correct in guessing that I’m… Continue Reading →

Discovery rests…

An era comes dramatically to a close. Where have all the brave humans gone? Moseley street – home for lunch one day in 4th grade probably – the Space Shuttle Enterprise is completing a test flight!! I am just totally… Continue Reading →

a list of things to do…

or should I make a list of things I’ve done? I do make stacks of things in the digital realm – stacks of funnnies I copy and paste into OneNote – cause I’d hate to have the zombies come, and… Continue Reading →

a warm night…

a longish day.cool night air drifts in across our bed, blue towards the foot of the bed on my side, her butt up against my thigh. Boo reading a book that’s ‘all OJ Simpson’ she says, in the light of our… Continue Reading →

Aren’t you lucky … Scott writes AGAIN!

Perhaps I am following the good advice Alexandria (Stoddard) offers on the side of my coffee mug (Thanks ARP peeps!!) – “slow down, calm down, don’t worry, don’t hurry, trust the process” …I’m good with the slow, the calm, though… Continue Reading →

24 hours in a day…

7 days in a week. 52 weeks in a year. weeks have gone by – recent ones having weight to them that keeps them planted here in front of me, where as weeks long gone are floated away from my visions, my memories, up… Continue Reading →

it’s good to have friends… today was extra good

I’m extremely lucky. I feel such a deep sense of gratitude. I hope everyone has someone who makes them feel hopeful, special and loved. Today (er, Tuesday, yesterday…) is going to take some time for me to put into words,… Continue Reading →

Living with technology – April 2012 update

02MondayApr 2012 so, besides fretfully not dropping my Mac Book Air, I’ve been trying to make sure I get the right protection for it – the right slip case to put it into my Timbuk2 Q backpack. The right desk… Continue Reading →

much appreciation, bunnies..

for my love is safe and sound at the end of her journey … well, today’s journey.That makes me feel very very lucky…And so starts April – not too bad, eh? ciao,s.

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