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Month May 2012

Would you look at that…

10:28am + Thursday = 31may2012just how did we get here so quickly?? just got back from a lovely jaunt to the northlands, seeing fabulous people, including a new one, some blue ones, and a nice assortment of the tried and true ones…. Continue Reading →

Living with technology – May 2012 update

  So, spring has sprung, the weather is fabulous, and I’ve taken to carrying my Mac Book Air with me as … // the rest of this post might be lost//  

in memoriam …

2LT Richard D. Bartley, USAF, Korea – TSGT Bennie L. Dexter, USAF, VietnamGone but not forgotten. As I pondered life under the arc of the moon tonight, being pleased with the goodness I have in my life, the happiness I have… Continue Reading →

Thanks to Greg and Andrea, the Bulls Win!!!

Had a fun outing to the Durham Bulls game last night – yay!! Star Wars night – there were … characters, and $6 lightsabers!Also – fireworks!!! Boo was quite happy! Actually everyone was quite happy – so yay AJE for having… Continue Reading →

Miss you still …

don’t think that’s ever gonna change.I’ve spend the past few days digging through Boo & I’s first year or so here in the Southeast. 2007 was a heck of a year, with much travel too and fro, for good enough… Continue Reading →

Huzzah!! Bravo!! Kudos!! god how this totally sucks…

People’s Voice Winner Often Awesome The Serieshttp://www.allacesmedia.com/often…  All Aces Media How to say ‘wow, my friends do totally awesome things!!’ when what I want to say is god damn it all to hell when good people suffer. A few friends… Continue Reading →

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