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Month June 2012

25 years gone…

Oddness for the day – this is the date that Marty and doc zoomed off to ‘in the future!’ – zoot!! Not that I’m a forward looking man. Pondered yesterday this monring…  Got hung up pondering a very surreal recollection from times past…. Continue Reading →

coffee, silence, college radio & inspiration via Netflix …

8:11 am +23Jun2012= Saturday morningHey mickeymatt – wanna go for a bike ride?? wow… opened the windows a bit … temps are just now getting into the low 70s, blue is happy to be able to sniff the outside while… Continue Reading →

time travelin’ on the ‘tubes…

Current Mood: nostalgic?Current Music: U2- Your blue room / The Mountain Goats – Going to Georgia11:18 pm + 11Jun2012 = Monday eve Hey there. How’s it going?so much to maybe type here- like ‘here’s to your dad Bob. our hearts… Continue Reading →

springing into summer in a small world…

why good saturday morning to you and yours! hope it’s all good and wonderful with you. summer is right on top of us, about to bring her warmth to our corner of the planet, before she does I want to… Continue Reading →

almost 9:30 in the morning, I hit the road…

…had places to go, people to see, adventures to … er, advent! Trash was put out, the sun was up, and I only looked sorta like an escaped mass murderer – not anything too scary. North I headed, but not as… Continue Reading →

I like to remember, to recall…

the memories aren’t as sharp, but thank goodness for photos!i just ran through the pics blood snapped 6 years ago. in vegas, baby!! sharp dressed man and lovely lady. smiles of friends and family. the stills do no justice to… Continue Reading →

“…already, and still…”

well … well said sister. so very well said. (in case you don’t know, my sister is very well spoken, you should go visit her/our blog…) I have no idea why the universe works in the way it does, and I believe… Continue Reading →

04MondayJUN 2012

I’ve taken well to the introduction of light and fast laptopin’ – the MBA really is an amazing machine. I highly recommend it to anyone. Of course, it’s not all perfect – I needed to get a better monitor for… Continue Reading →

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