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Month July 2012

youn youn, hpyu youn!

as inspired by Midnight Oil’s ‘Mountains of Burma‘ from their Blue Sky Mining album.May we all have the luck we need. ciao, }S{ | dona nobis pacem | “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

“squinched up your face an did a dance …

shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants…” giggle giggleKimya Dawson’s kind of an awesome peep, don’t you think?I have to say things are going pretty damn well this week.started with a party for ME!! yay ME!! had… Continue Reading →

sizzlin’ in the summer time…

so.patience.“… a virtue sought by many, found by few; Salada tea” – so said Mr. Taverna, so long ago in W’boro High SchoolBut did he have a steady blinking light that – when I glance down I swear I see it stay solid;… Continue Reading →

Forced forward

24TuesdayJUL 2012 Out of luck sometimes comes a great challenge. Sometimes that challenge brings great enlightenment. Without any effort on my part the earth spun and spun and spun for 52 weeks, then I got cake! Yay! Along with the… Continue Reading →

…”and many more!”

Hello Monday! Hello Birthday! Hello you!Started my 45th with a decent wake up time, love for my love, and love for my pup. also – coffee.and leftover red-velvet birthday cake – yay Raymond!Then the ‘tubes got me all kerfuffle cause Blood (happy… Continue Reading →

A birthday for our country …

Great time with friends and loved ones tonight. followed by the celebrations outside as the full moon crept over the trees outside the den. for some odd reason I pondered the whole ‘4th’ celebration (I’m pretty sure it’s David Blackstone’s… Continue Reading →

May I suggest … Scrivener?

03TuesdayJUL 2012 So my lovely Boo is a writer. Hell, she even makes some coin doing it, so Yay!for her. I on the other hand am a wannabe – I probably could make some coin if I were just to… Continue Reading →

the challenge of being right

03TuesdayJUL 2012 Or at least trying to show that you know what you’re talking about. Say with a wordpress blog installation on DreamHost – if you go to sign in so that you can make a post, and you get… Continue Reading →

Staying Cool for Cats in July

02MondayJUL 2012 Lucked upon some tunes by Chris Difford – specifically the album “South East Side Story“ – wow. Memories flooding back in take me timewarp to the beginnings of my ‘adult’ life. San Antonio, Texas, July – hot hot… Continue Reading →

Living with new technology – July 2012 update

01SundayJUL 2012 So I’ve been enjoying my Mac Book Air for the past 4 months – what have I learned? Well, setting up the ‘right’ work at home environment hasn’t been cheap – but I have followed some good advice… Continue Reading →

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