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Month August 2012

Forward to the future!!

Way back, in the early 80s, I stumbled upon Neil Young.Not, as some would guess, via his early days with Crazy Horse, or the Crosby show; no, it was a throw-away album called ‘Trans’ that I checked out of the… Continue Reading →

Sunday! Sunday! Sun… wait …

I spy with my own little eyes …er, not a whole lot os sun right now. it IS 9 am, and though I have a good view out the side window in the office, looking towards Henry’s collection of be-sheeted… Continue Reading →

Hey – look!!

First an apology. No – first let me express my sincerest appreciation for the wonderful people in my life. My love, my Boo – I have no idea what she thought but she kept her mouth shut. My friends both… Continue Reading →

Mat Honan Suffered … so we could learn

07TuesdayAUG 2012 Gizmodo. It’s a name I trust in the world of blog-based journalism focused on technology. Gawker is the owner and they’ve done a good job building a blogging empire to be reckoned with – Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Jezebel, etc…. Continue Reading →

Heartbeats, donuts and tones…

we’re exploring mo’ fo’s!! Mars – the planet next door.40 odd ‘scientists’ sit at JPL, televised in the rank and file blue shirts, titled workstation, and big screens.A performance … real life. All for the love of a hunk of metal.Old… Continue Reading →

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