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Month September 2012

were-rabbit, were-rabbit, ghostly were-rabbit!

for us all to have the best of luck this month, a wish ciao,s.

and that, my dear friends, is September…

It was, as expected, 30 days long.It was, unexpectedly, much longer.sigh. also – blue, in repose (as usual…) ciao, }S{ | dona nobis pacem | “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!” {111:49p + 30Sep2012 =… Continue Reading →

A saturday morning where the streetlights are still on at 8am…

sigh.at least there’s coffee . and squirrels jumping from one black wet pine to another – not the same happy hop that I watched as they scampered through our tall grass with a treasure clutched to their chest just yesterday! Also –… Continue Reading →

Here’s to saying “fuck it” – part 2…

Of course, when you do the same thing twice, does that count as getting out of your comfort zone? or just adding a new neighborhood to your zone? Well, screw it – grilled cheese for LIFE, yo! How about climbing… Continue Reading →

Here’s to saying “fuck it” to your comfort zone!

yeah – that’s me. Taking names, kickin’ grilled cheese butt!or at least Boo is kind enough to imply what I did to a few pieces of potato bread, a few slices of cheese was good enough for her. I thought… Continue Reading →

a fall evening…

blue is to my leftboo is to my right a dim lamp on the bedside table, blue making quiet noises, boo’s noises a little louder. edges smooth, edges sharp – the smoothness of the down comforter brought down from the… Continue Reading →

well, for one – the name is ‘Popehat’ – way cool

also, they’re fucking brilliant.Just spent the past 30 minutes perusing some fine legal flavored writing, with a healthy focus on First Amendment concerns.So, as the sun creeps up above the trees making the den warm with a sunshiny glow …… Continue Reading →

yellow butterfly at the shrub

how pretty you are, flitting and fleeting about, clouds casting bright but diffused light upon your beating wings, flashes of yellow a note in my Gmail, and my daily plans are paused – no need to make sure my Network… Continue Reading →

the rain comes down

As cars drive along the wet asphalt, the noise of tires  … shhhhhhhssssssssA morning grey to start with, cool and perfect for staying under the covers.Click AND Clack come from the radio in the yellow kitchen, sadly not bright enough… Continue Reading →

Awesome …

people – like my sister Blood!places – like Sol Duc Hot Springs!music – like Atreyu covering Faith No More’s Epic (from the Awesome Covers Vol. 1 – This Punk is Crunk!) Pictures – like some my sis took? The whole… Continue Reading →

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