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Month October 2012

Great article on ‘near-real time’ remote data center creation

31WednesdayOCT 2012 This is pretty cool – How CloudFlare Launched 10 Data Centers in 30 Days – intersects nicely with my current instruction on routers and how traffic on the ‘net actually goes about getting to where it needs to… Continue Reading →

sigh, quiet nights lead to quiet reflection…

and cool fall evenings lead to desires … of two-dog nights… sigh. 5 years on you fabulous independent ball o’ fur, we still miss the hell out of ya girl. I hope you haven’t run out of ham yet. s.

I miss you everyday, ma

hmmm… shot in artsy black and white. Blood, probably – didn’t mention how … special… I looked. thanks sis! some days more than others.I hate that memories fade, as time does it’s healing trick…I’m thankful for the touchstones I have… Continue Reading →

sunshine streams into the den

an apple gets gutted by Alyssa in the living room, blue watching – waiting patiently for gravity to befriend her, a small child’s limbs no match for their enthusiasm our ‘fall’ has been a bit of misnomer – unless you… Continue Reading →

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