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Month November 2012

“…trouble occurs not because of one failure, but because of the way many different pieces interact…”

30FridayNOV 2012 Great thing about the world we live in is that much knowledge is available to be shared. My sister often sends me great articles she sees – such as this one from the New York Times back in… Continue Reading →

Not sure if I ever appreciated …

how Blue was everywhere in the life Boo and I have made. oh how true – thanks much Beth-y! The past few days have been just kinda wow – moments when it’s all “Oh how the hole seems to be… Continue Reading →

Mysteries of Life …

– optional vs. required – monumental clash. Circa ’08 Some if not most of you know that these past few months have been quite a challenge for Boo and I. Seems like just when we’re standing tall, there’s a trip and a… Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Mercy…

A tuckered out blue, circa ’03 Isn’t that what you’re supposed to yell? “Mercy!” and they’ll stop twisting your arm? Or am I confused? The cold showed up today – though it’s crisp at 33 degrees, the sun is pouring… Continue Reading →

We are already missing the hell out of you Blue girl…

Boo & I just can’t accept that you’re gone … our house is sooooo quiet, too quiet. Not sure why this is happening, all I can hope for is that you and Canela are romping with family and friends… all… Continue Reading →

A beautiful mess…

Tuckered out… Blue’s not doing good.Vet’s are reasonably sure that the mass in her chest is complicating her pneumonia problem, and in a bit Boo and I will head off to the Vets to have a talk neither one of… Continue Reading →

The house is quite quiet, and I have a heart…

two things pointedly learned (reminded?) from our ‘too-fun-for-words!’ 2012 Triangle Tour, Fall leg. Here’s blue on the way to the vet… As Facebook Friends may already know (if they read Boo’s feed) Blue ended up in the hospital yesterday (Thursday,… Continue Reading →


Sunshine punches through the clouds, a struggle that the sun will lose today. the clouds conspire to remove the contentedness that permeated yesterday, taking us a few days back to memories of weather that only annoyed us, not hurt us… Continue Reading →

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