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Month December 2012

Touché, John Richards, touché

clouds sun & sea// circa jan ’10 a minute – just a brief moment – to reflect, to remember, to think of something other than RIGHT THIS NOW… followed by Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah. 7 days later, there’s still no understanding, just less… Continue Reading →

A Post Where I Explain …

Ah, up scott’s nose. Good shot, man… anything? Probably not…‘Twas oh so great to have amigos Karl and Holly and awesome dog Mika come and visit. It’s good to be with friends who know and love you, and still tolerate… Continue Reading →

ARS’ article on SHA1 encryption concerns

13ThursdayDEC 2012 The article – Oh great: New attack makes some password cracking faster, easier than ever – points out a basic truth – as hardware improves, so does the efficiency of software running on it. Applying that truth to… Continue Reading →

patching the cracks in the facade…

a sunny day, clouds float by past the pine trees outside the office windows …Boo sits in the dining room with friends – oh how that makes things better somehow – an external, un-forced joy sifts across the house. Holly’s… Continue Reading →

rabbit rabbit white rabbit

hi there December … how are you?can I ask that you be gentle with us, just ’cause? thanks… ciao,s.

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