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Month March 2013

In the living room, relaxing

Lady-tron adjusts to boo’s departure from the sofa. Boo adjusts to the very comfy chair, but misses the doggie snugglies. Scott enjoys being on a sofa, but knows that when need be, a Top-Gear-a-thon while on the SAME couch as… Continue Reading →

10 years on… still … fuck.

what am I supposed to say 10 years after my country invaded a sovereign country on a whim? Er, sorry? Er, what the fuck? er, … wow. yeah, you’ve seen me post this before In picking at this dormant psychic… Continue Reading →

sun spills over the desk, keyboard, coffee cup…

What’cha looking at, Lady-tron? the day pushes its way into our consciousness, we listen to Lady-tron being puppy’sh in the other room (I hope that’s a toy, not my boots) … now licking at her water bowl … I glance… Continue Reading →

bright eyes, sunny monday morn

Trav & I take a moment to enjoy the morning sun, the crisp winter air Just like last Monday, thoughts of school and midterms are far from center focus, but unlike last Monday my finger’s are NOT frostbitten from being… Continue Reading →

sunday mornings, time lost, coffee enjoyed …

Biscuits & gravy (two kinds!), coffee and fresh air – nice way to start your Sunday So, we woke anew, only partially broken from the fun adventures of Saturday… The visitor center folk suggested either the tallest falls in the… Continue Reading →

saturday at home, sunny & cool…

why yes, that does look delicious! (and it was!) just gonna shut the Freedom Sailors diatribe off on my KEXP stream for a minute or 47, perhaps some tuneage? yesh … So, how was your weekend last week? Did you… Continue Reading →

Good news … for the future

05TuesdayMAR 2013 I like to see the combination of technologies that then end up with a winning design – such as …   An Android phone with two screens – one is the typical hi-def color LCD, the other a… Continue Reading →

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