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Month May 2013

Sun on the green green leaves…

not exactly out my office window, but you get the idea…            So here I am, once more in a different location in the den… wonder why I like moving rooms around? However, now I’m distracted by the back yard… Continue Reading →

What to do when the best path is broken?

29WednesdayMAY 2013 Kind of stumped after perusing the BoingBoing lead to the article “Anatomy of a Password Crack” – I knew sometimes it was trivial, but alas, if our best practice is just a minor annoyance to those who desire… Continue Reading →

“Lie about my age … “

what, is there something wrong with my ear? Tell me! Tell me – please! So, here I am… preparing to write an essay for English class – impressive, eh? – but I took a moment to enjoy a movie I… Continue Reading →

Leave it to the kids to figure it out

23ThursdayMAY 2013 So I read this the other day: Over the last few years, I’ve watched as teens have given up on controlling access to content. It’s too hard, too frustrating, and technology simply can’t fix the power issues. Instead,… Continue Reading →

Sit up straight, pay attention … you’ll do fine.

may 2013, lovely late winter eve in upstate “Invest In Knowledge–Not Just Equipment” says a wise line in an email I just read regarding becoming a professional photographer … Does it tie in well with my most current pursuit of… Continue Reading →

I miss you lots, think of you often …

feel your love everyday. did you know that?

You hold on to the good times…

oh mr buddy, that bed is too small for you! ~Aug 2006 even as the rain hits your roof, the thunder booms off in the distance, a dark dampness chips away at any feelings of joyful excitement you may have… Continue Reading →

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