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Month June 2013

quiet settles in beneath a thunderous sky

stormy weather… kinda in the middle of the blotch is where I am relaxing but thankfully, just outside.I see flashes of lightening behind the living room windows flanking the fireplace. I opened the window so I hear rain drops on… Continue Reading →

Good days that start at nearly 3 in the morning…

Raised with love, plus tasty drinks made with heart, and lovely crafted beautiful – 🙂 … and last until almost midnight the next night. From filibuster-mania through the dooming of DOMA, past Mandela’s delayed rewards … have to say wow…. Continue Reading →

walter thomas parry … he was my grandpa

Happy gent, ain’t he? He did a great job making sure us grand-kids were ok – hope I thanked him for that.Just wanted to say hi and thanks and miss ya … can’t wait to hear about the circus you’ve… Continue Reading →

Canela, meaning Cinnamon in …

Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, is a town located in the Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. circa june 2003 – wonderfully sweet girl, Canela I did not know that Canela never made it to Canela – but if… Continue Reading →

Thanks Boo … you kept me around for another year!

I’m so very very lucky – have been for so many years! You must like me or something, eh? I look forward to the next 7 fabulous years with ya … s.

Ma never surfed …

fret not, probably won’t go past the surf zone… Wonder why? Wonder what her favorite cake / ice-cream flavor combo was? Wonder what I would have gotten her (besides a phone call…) this year – a nook? can you do… Continue Reading →

10 years on … shall I tell ya the story again?

Blue, napping wonderpup! T-dog was needing some lovin’, his beloved yet viscous kitty Trojan having passed the previous fall. We made it to the shelter with him on his hunt for a new kitty friend, and in doing so wandered… Continue Reading →

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