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Month July 2013

perhaps adagio molto is the proper description of the morning…

sunshine in the morning Hi there. How’s it going? Well, I hope. somehow, Hali figures out how to get a nap in I hope you had the joy of getting up from a fairly restful night, enjoying some fresh air… Continue Reading →

the sun sets … ciao, 44

hi. hope you’re comfy Hello 45. Wow… where’d you come from? {{8:36p + 22July2013 = Monday evening || Russina Circles sing Madek on KEXP}}

steady as it goes, chin up, look into the future

Halitron gets a good nap in … between sleep sessions A few day to go – and I have much joy in flipping through the pictures I’ve taken. But I won’t make my goal. I’m hoping to get halfway there… Continue Reading →

words can express…

 they must be able to express. however, they may end up meaning nothing. I’m watching the state I live in fall asunder, lost on the high seas of smugness. Not one single thing the leadership has chosen to act on… Continue Reading →

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