~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month September 2013

Words attempting to share thoughts & emotions

sunsetting again Boo rests to my side, comfy under a blanket or two, heating pad under the blankets, window open allowing the fall refreshment to flow in, a coolness announcing the change of seasons. 52 weeks, 52 weeks // 52… Continue Reading →

Avast you scurvey dogs with grog … er, … um… Ahoy!

oh hey. can we go inside now? Halitron Toeses got her first trip to the vet today. It went well. oh hey, is there something on my head? As a reward we went for a long strollies in a new… Continue Reading →

Songs to blog to, circa March 2011…

Hi. Just lounging about … you? a list of tunes that struck my fancy a few years ago – nice to see I still like them. Of course, I’ve liked them for years and years, so there’s that – Sinead,… Continue Reading →

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