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Month November 2013

New Normal – good idea

26TuesdayNOV 2013 In prep for tonight’s class I read about Twitter’s implementation of “Perfect Forward Secrecy” – really liked how it was nicely readable, decent explanations of the technology behind what they were trying to do, included a note of… Continue Reading →

Crisp Saturday thoughts…

Mika (Jan/2013) thoughts that include “damn it” … also “I’m so sorry…” … also “fuck”Shock-wave took a bit to hit – was on the Book of Faces, pondering the homophobic cake wreck Holly had posted, amused that the kitt-ay had… Continue Reading →

Others watch what you watch

19TuesdayNOV 2013 From this article I’m taking two things away – 1. Marketing is the devil’s work 2. Smart people with good tools can make a difference Upon noticing adverts on his smart TVs home page, a fine UK gent… Continue Reading →

where the Blue-shaped hole in my heart aches so much …

 hi. My name is Scott. I’m grieving over the loss of our wonderful girl Blue. She … went to the vet’s and didn’t come home last year. She was very sick…. poor blue-girl … I write strings of words that… Continue Reading →

“We Adore Chaos” says an email in my inbox…

Well, not sure if chaos falls into my ‘adore’ column, but let me share this: comfort – given and accepted I have been sitting on my sofa for far too long, but today for at least 3 hours Hali has… Continue Reading →

It’s just basic input/output, right?

05TuesdayNOV 2013 Just a bit scarier, though – From ArsTechnica … Like a super strain of bacteria, the rootkit plaguing Dragos Ruiu is omnipotent I’m glad to see a decent review of the situation – some of the ‘news’ headlines… Continue Reading →

Goodbye October … Hello November

time takes it toll Yo, November – I saw you sneaking up; welcome.October, glad to have made it through once again, I’ll look for you when it’s time to see you once more. Haven’t been as prolific as I always… Continue Reading →

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