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Month October 2015

Of Moms, Love & Memory…

c. 2003. Love ya ma in the fall, the crisp weather makes me think. Of things I don’t like to think about. c. ?? – Mom, her Pop and her Mom… I tend to peruse the images I have at… Continue Reading →

Even in October … oddly, disastorous

c. minutes after I stepped into thin air luckily, not devastating. but still. Fuck. c. moments after Boo choose “ointment and RICE” over “don’t hesitate, amputate!!” – thanks Boo! fun is a great thing. Kids seem to be generally a… Continue Reading →

Even in October … Satisfaction

c. Oct 2015, heading into work, the sun and clouds make pretty I like the word, not sure about the feeling it is supposed to represent.What happens when you pursue your happiness to the best of your ability and the… Continue Reading →

Even in October … Additive

c. ~ Feb, seek a safe place to gather How do we figure out the additive love that brings happiness to many?How do we take the chaos and craziness and lift it to a higher ground? How to go for… Continue Reading →

Even in October … Kindness

your humble narrator, c. 2011, at the start of this chapter … Kindness. I’m sure I have this wrong, and that’s a bummer. I’m fine with trying to be kind – but I don’t nail it. I don’t give as… Continue Reading →

Even in October …

The wind batters the sky, rain falls, ceaselessly, the ground no longer dry, the night a dark and stormy one. I’m in a tumultuous place – I have people close to me who have been battered for months now, no… Continue Reading →

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