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Month January 2016

30 + 1 is odd, as January heads into the sunset

from a frosty bed green escapes … or … fell down onto the frozen bed. One of the other. ~jan ’16 Living through a storm, when the typical becomes lost, the cold, frozen becomes the norm. How to hold onto… Continue Reading →

Is it odd that January has the highest hopes and some of the deepest despair?

you look intently, see much, know nothing. Jan ’16 Well, best intentions are what January are made of, yes? We’ll exercise and eat better and balance our check books. Read all the books we wanted to last summer, while writing… Continue Reading →

Snow isn’t Odd in January… it is a sign of hope

La Poste of La Lapine a la Alex … ~dec ’15 [postcard (c) Atelier Robert Dosinewu 1995] Of snow flurries on a day too warm for the magic to stick around for long.Of the Eiffel Tower & a bunny, sent… Continue Reading →

Monday mornings can offer hope, happiness and shocks, oddly in January

blood leaves town to find solace ~jan ’16 So, different tone today, and holy damn I will have to let all this settle.Love and Information at Manbites Dog was amazing.David Bowie shuffles off this mortal coil, and the coil tilts.Odd… Continue Reading →

jan||even: why do we stop at stop signs?

do they mean chris cross, or upset? ~ jan ’16 ColVil/Durhamtown it’s the unspoken social contract, eh? a community’s agreed upon acceptable behavior? Contracts. Agreements. Norms.Understandings. Beliefs. Concepts. Wishes.Secrets. Want to know a secret?I do the exact same thing that… Continue Reading →

January||Odd: when you look at things, you have to be willing to see what’s there

Hello mr. 2011 – 5 years ago Seeing is powerful. Perhaps why I like photos so much – you can look and look and look… Finding love in a snapshot can be easy. family preparations in Loggieland, circa Dec 2010… Continue Reading →

Even in January: search for answers, feel bad for mistakes, learn how to cope …

grand prize winning festive lighting for framily – check! How to cope better was integral to last nights chat, since the minor epiphany was that – Hey – we’re actually all coping at this very moment!! – just, we’d like… Continue Reading →

Oddly, a second post in January … on friends and loss and sadness and hope.

Oh the adventures we’ve all had Quinc-i-nator. You will be missed… Dec, Quince, Boo at LexHaus/Hollywood circa Mar ’07 Yesterday was a good day for me. Then it became a sad day for me, when Boo told me that our… Continue Reading →

Occasionally … in January, I say ‘To the beginning we shall commence, to what end we know not’

as the day starts … the moon hides in the tree My day starts … my week starts … my year starts … dark, but clear, hope overflows into the clear sky above. Rolled to work, parked and turned off… Continue Reading →

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