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Month February 2016

seems there’s a barrier to consciousness into my mind, even in February

I keep looking up, keep looking for the light, do I see what I need to see? Feb ’16 So. My dad. I think of him when I see the picture on my work desk.Or when it ricochets in my… Continue Reading →

head colds + head cold medicine = ugh, even in February

stormy days, nature perseveres … feb ’16 a stormy day in Durhamtown, the Bull City.Stormy weather in many places in my life. Hope your visit is as quick and enjoyable this time, Pops… May ’07 Spring is about to arrive,… Continue Reading →

Even in February, you can’t find what you can’t see, can you?

an icy winter eve, as the fog rolls in. durhamtown. hobbit house. feb ’16 “is there a word for love hating your friends?” asks John R., speaking of friends in sunny spots that he hasn’t enjoyed recently. Hatelove? Lovehate? Lhate?… Continue Reading →

Of songs of Love & Hate, of Joy & Destitution … even in February

blue sky above, reach for the stars beyond … Feb ’16 Do so love me some KEXP programming. John R. opened with “Book of Love”, and included U2, The Smiths and The Mountain Goats in the first 30 minutes of… Continue Reading →

NOw NOw NOw NOw NOw!!! from the Mutts manifesto …

I see a bit of sunshine from here … feb ’16 “A change is gonna come” sings Sam Cook. Ah change – ever coming, always arriving, sometimes not noticed for a variety of reasons. Do love the Patrick McDonnell’s MUTTS… Continue Reading →

Clash seemed like a good word … oddly, in February

curling up winter returns … feb ’16 So, Clash – wow, it’s kinda relevant, ain’t it? //10:50 – Train in Vain, by the Clash …// the punk ideal – what was that? what happens when punks grow up? beside ‘reach… Continue Reading →

Sky cries, the universe may be sad, soup hits the spot, even in February

hanging in, hanging around … feb ’16 A big storm rolls into town, the skies open up and rain pours down.You pause if you can, why run into the wetness if you can stay dry?But some have to go, some… Continue Reading →

Even in February, when it seems like Groundhog day all over again…

oddly a summer day in february, ’16 Oh how it’s all going to go on over and over and over again. Once more. When my friends get to face the hassle once more, I think of how Boo gets to… Continue Reading →

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