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Month May 2016

may be time to think about change

a family gathers, special day celebrated, what does a man think of it all? – coldbrook, 2003 A day after my father’s birthday – happy birthday dad! – I listen to a rocking version of Borderline and ponder how I’ve… Continue Reading →

Months slip by, great times and good times and not such good times. Months fly by.

months become years, years become lifetimes. miss ya ma. Great times I’ve had recently – the cuteness of the kids, the joy of framily gathering, the love of my sister hosting my soul for a very important thing. Flip phones… Continue Reading →

Ciao, March, ‘ello April … oddly, in March

if you look up are you falling down? 5/16 though pic is prob 4/16 ILANTT* – thoughts can be thought of as behaviors. And behavior can be modified. Ergo, thoughts can be modified.ILANTTOD** – the phrase ‘automatic negative thoughts’ –… Continue Reading →

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