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Month October 2016

on October nights, thoughts + music, memories wonderful and terrible

Canella, climber of moderate sized chairs// Lexhaus//LA//Nov 2004 We got to regale a new acquaintance the other night of the great stories surround Boo & I becoming honored guardians of our fur babies – Noel, thanks for listening – here’s… Continue Reading →

Our time. Our lives. A mother’s love isn’t forgotten.

Recently I’ve had opportunity to fish for some memories, some recollections.Seems, sadly (happily?) I’ve placed them in a safe place.Which I’ll find soon enough I suspect. Other thoughts, other recollections, other memories – they’re always at my fingertips, always available…. Continue Reading →

Mornings in October … ah October, you glorious bastard!

change in the sunlight, @ HH, 2016 “out of control” sings the boys from Dublin –  “… I fought fate / There’s blood on the garden gate / The man said childhood / It’s in his childhood One day I’ll die… Continue Reading →

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