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Month June 2017

of fathers & fathering in a year of transition

a man and his ladder – ~2007, post heart pacing doodad surgery, @ rome, ny as I held Rumbly overnight, noticing that midnight had passed by a few hours earlier, I looked down in the dim light of the living room… Continue Reading →

“I will love you again… [11/03/16]

~2009? lightpainting as part of photography education, Morgan @ Cosmic I will love you, like I used to”Oh there’s an interesting idea – how oh how did we ‘used’ to love?+++{9:20a + 3Nov2016 = Thursday morning || Cubs In Five by the… Continue Reading →

Of stale Drafts, published out of … desperation? Robert is, was his name. My dad … circa 11/14/16

me and my dad phone calls at 6 am are hardly ever good.blood used the word relief later in the morningi went with hopeful and grief, vs. mercy and …???but no heart ache.i suspect i’ll reproach myself, as i’ve done… Continue Reading →

merry month of June arrives, studded with dates of importance

her joy was visible So today is/was my mom’s birthday.[12:14 + 5Jun2017 = Monday PM || Common People on keXp] ///10:35a + 7 Jun 2017 = Wednesday || keXp JItM plays Johnny Cash Show intro followed by Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy //and… Continue Reading →

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