~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month September 2017

of todays, tomorrows, and the importance of being

“keep moving” – ~Oct 2012, durhamtown from the calm of a Monday in the cubicle I get a poke from my Google Calendar.huh.as a man of dates I had to laugh at how completely off my radar today was, and… Continue Reading →

of happiness, joy, love & hope on a Sunday morn

how you doin’, gorgeous? – c Sep ’17 @ Hobbit House I have had many Sunday mornings. Many mornings at Hobbit House, on the stoop with a pup, watching the world go by, discussion with myself, the pup, the sky… today… Continue Reading →

of particulates & participation – a love + hate story

clouds drift in, clouds drift out, my mind is … unlike a clear blue sky: c aug ’17, durhamtown ‘you bring your hate & I’ll bring my love and we’ll meet in the town square – bet i know who… Continue Reading →

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